• 17:08:08: Its nice working the morning shift at @CagneysParty and then having the evening off!
  • 19:44:22: Chillin'.. Stretched out on the bed catching up on #GeneralHospital.. I could use some #alcohol!
  • 21:06:37: Watching "8213: Gacy House" on #NetFlix.. Its shot "Blair Witch" style, which is one of my favorite styles!
  • 22:35:14: I anjoyed it.. It was a bit hokey..
  • 22:43:10: Now watching "Dead Tone" on #NetFlix.
  • 23:21:14: A detective in this movie just said: "People who have jobs don't live in trailers.."
  • 23:35:33: quote 2: "How about I just stick the head in?" "How about you just stick the tongue in!?"

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