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...it's an INTERESTING place...

Charles Keen
5 October 1980
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Okay!! This is MY space!!!
Let me see... well, I wear glasses; dark hair w/ grey spicing it up (I usually keep it buzzed); I weigh about 150 lbs and about 5'-9" tall...

I have this KNACK for attracting "SPECIAL" people.

I'm not AFRAID to be ME anymore.

My favorite aspect of my physical self are my eyes, I’ve had people (both male and female),throughout my life, telling me that I have beautiful eyes, so I tend to think there MIGHT be something behind that. Someone once compared them to looking into a pond... sweet, yes?

In My Free Time I work on discovering What I like, Who I am, and What I want out of My life.
I'm also quite BIG on going to the GYM!

I'm interested in photography, I’m a pict-oholic (I think I made up that word) I'm just CRAZY about pictures, photo albums, and keeping life's memories on film!!! >>>I'm SUCH a GEEK<<<, poetry, and art. I can't draw worth a damn, but that has yet to stop me!! and my poetry is kind of basic, but it makes me happy. As far as my photography, I snap that camera SO often that I think I have to replace it every year!! :0)

I like watching movies with others and walking in Parks and just hanging out, relaxing! I tend to stress a little too much, BUT I’m getting better.

I like reading too. Sometimes I just try to let the world go on away from me and let myself get lost in a book.

I love people! I enjoy reading what's happening with the people on my Friends Journals/Blogs!!! It’s interesting the way life goes and I enjoy seeing how others experience it!! Also, I like the idea of people reading & commenting on my posts/updates... I'm just a Comment Whore!!!

I have CONFUSION in my life. ALOT, but I keep going...

Charlie K.

ps. I LOVE Care Bears!! They RULE!! ESPECIALLY GrumpyBear!


Support your local Bears with lots of love, hugs, and rubs.

"I reject your reality...
...and substitute my own."
--Adam Savage on MYTHBUSTERS

"Everyone wants stuff. We wake up everyday with a list of wishes a mile long and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true. But just because we want them doesn't mean we need them to be happy."

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